Gold Standard Sports Lawyer

Ms. Duckett tailors her consultancy to conscious athletes who seek to use their influence to not only build wealth but also to inspire and empower others. In addition to decades of experience in business and in sports law, Ms. Duckett brings intuition, creativity and innovation to her practice. Partnering with the athletes’ agents, Ms. Duckett rounds out her clients’ platforms with the legal acumen required to complete their success.

Nikki Duckett


Ms. Duckett is asked to speak on topics ranging from the value of strategic partnerships in the sports industry to the importance of athletes capitalizing on their media influence. She is selective in choosing speaking engagements where she can be most impactful.

Nikki speaking

44th Annual UCLA Entertainment Symposium

Sports and Entertainment: Heeding the Call for Justice

Georgetown Entertainment and Media Alliance Sports and Entertainment Law Symposium

Impact of Digital Media Platforms on the Sports Industry

Institute for Corporate Counsel Annual Conference

General Counsels in Today’s Market

National Basketball Association Annual Summit

Sports Teams Achieving Best Media Deals

ABA Sports Division Annual Conference

Private and Public Partnerships

BESLA Annual Conference

Sports Teams, Athletes and the Media



Children’s Books
Athlete Biographies

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Ms. Duckett has a natural talent for writing for young ones and storytelling. With a sweet, classic, narrative tone she weaves children’s stories that are whimsical and imaginative. She also creates young adult stories meant to guide and encourage young minds on their journeys into the world. Ms. Duckett’s stories share poignant lessons for young readers of all ages intended to teach and inspire them. 

young Nikki Duckett
Ms. Duckett herself is inspired by teachings of universal love, the value of community and the power of true imagination. She delights in bringing these messages to life through the beauty of narration. Ms. Duckett will soon be launching Book One of the Adventures of Marie LeDoux Series titled We Are All One which tells the story of a biracial girl living in Norway who experiences a mysterious event that teaches her about acceptance of others and the importance of evolving.

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